Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Collaboration - The collaborative journey through a performance

Collaboration is...

Two teachers bouncing ideas about how to merge technology, drama and dance in a performance
Three teachers questioning if they could make it work in the timeframe,
A principal challenging his staff to add value and learning for the students,
Students raising excitement levels as they share their wondering, "Could we do a play?!"
Student teachers offering to do choreography and script writing, taking responsibility,
Children brainstorming ideas, "I can add to his idea by..."
12 learners writing a script, that their peers and teachers contribute ideas to afterwards
5 writers sharing a play, getting feedback "Are we going to do this?"
Associate Teachers and Student teachers performing the play, modelling failure, high stakes,
A learning common listing the jobs and thinking of teams, "We'll have to do more than one job"
Timelines that challenge students to work together,
Acting group creating more speaking roles and adding to scripts,
Parents offering support, materials, time and expertise,
Students choreographing dance numbers, supporting their team mates
Children analysing scripts, props identified, backdrops considered, costumes imagined,
Cast members helping each other learn lines and cues, new friendships made
One team member offering an idea, others adding to it "We could build on that by doing this"
Giving constructive feedback, "If use that idea, this might happen.."
Learners coming to school with props, costumes, materials to contribute to the performance,
Students staying after to school to talk through ideas with teachers
A marketing team creating posters, generating an audience, selling tickets,
ESOL teachers using prop making as oral language lessons
Problems identified, other staff or non-LC2 children solving them,
Children sharing how they're in the pit, peers helping them get out
A learning common making sure all the jobs get done, deadlines met, "Will this come together?"
Dress rehearsals, everyone has a role, more jobs still being found,
Technology team setting the stage, parents helping
Stage managers helping the cast get their props
Dressers helping actors change costumes
Ticketing team welcoming people to the show
Parents and staff children preparing the refreshments
Ushers showing an audience to their seats
Sound team reading scripts to ensure cues are hit
Actors, dancers, stage managers, singers, directors, leaders and learners all,
An audience clapping, collaboration shared and appreciated, successful.
Students beaming, celebrating their effort and the rewards. Together.
A stage cleared, costumes put away. Venue empty.
4 teachers, 3 teacher aides and relievers all working on the same goal
77 children all working on the same goal.
"It's all come together"
"This looks awesome, we've done all this and we're just 7 & 8 year olds and we've done it all in 9 weeks! I can't believe it has all come together".
Return of the Moa. LC2 Collaboration. Lifelong learning.