Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beginning teachers Ignite too!

I must confess, I'm a beginning teacher.

I've been busy on Twitter as a teacher for about 4 months and felt reluctant to out myself as a BT.  I thought I should have been teaching for a few more years and I certainly feel more experienced than a BT in his 2nd year. In another life I have worked as a tutor at university and then taught at a private tertiary institute. When I walked back into a classroom in late 2010 I instantly felt like I was at home and so here I am as a 2nd year BT.

My father always told our family that there were three occupations he didn't want us to be, a lawyer, teacher or policeman. On Saturday a golfing buddy invited me to an Ignite Evening his school was hosting and I took the plunge as a 'lurker'. @MissDSciteacher spoke about the PR problem our profession faces with Novopay, Charter Schools etc and it resonated, look at my father's impression of us. But stop complaining, start acting. @MissDSciteacher started #edchatnz, I've found this so supportive and it has motivated and inspired me the last few months. Next time I go to Ignite I'm going to present because I've got plenty to talk about.

When I spoke to a couple of other teachers I follow through Twitter and told them I was a BT they were so supportive also. What am I worried about? I love my career choice, I've never been so happy (professionally speaking) and am constantly burning the proverbial candle to go to all lengths to engage, motivate and inspire my class.

This blog will be an entertaining ride with a BT who loves ICT, literacy and taking a chance.

I'm a beginning teacher and I'm proud of it.

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  1. Good on you! Do be proud. I agree - there is an odd perception of teaching - but I honestly can't imagine doing anything else. Every teacher was a BT once - and each of us can only have as much experience as we have at any point in time. So I'm glad you celebrate yout BT-ness and keep sharing with us. All perspectives help us shape our own learning and what we do with our kids each day. Your enthusiasm will be catching - and maybe more BTs will join our PLN too.
    The great advantage for you is that in 5... 10... 30 yrs you will have documented your wonderful journey as a teacher. What a valuable tool one day to have - esp when you are old (like me) or you are working with BTs , or just those days you need to re-inspire yourself.