Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Moment of victory for the BT

Another teacher popped into my room just after lunch today, she was requiring some help with Blogger but I was off to do some PD with the Literacy team and my class was off to play volleyball.

Some of you may remember my mentor told me that I needed to look at the sustainability of the class blogging. Well it looks like that is well in hand.

My colleague quickly told me she was interesting in loading some documents and looking at the views/hits on her blog. Step up one of my students who spent part of his volleyball time stepping my colleague through her issues. She was pleased with the help he'd given her and he got to see the value of his learning by teaching the teacher.

None of this could be possible without my student being given more freedom, my MT mentioning sustainability and a teacher who was willing to be taught. Thats worth celebrating!

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