Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Culture & school: Feeling embarrassed

I took 60+ year 6s to Henderson Intermediate today, clearly it was going to be a good opportunity for sighting some new ideas but it has really opened my eyes to some rapid & substantial PD I require.

As we entered HIS we were ushered into one of their halls where we received a beautiful Maori welcome, instantly, as the male teacher I felt a little unprepared and started racking my mind for all those things I was taught at Auckland Uni during teacher training *PANIC at empty mind*. The HIS children performed a stirring haka, waiata and their teacher was clearly fluent and well spoken in Te Reo. He also told us that it was an informal powhiri given that for many of our children their families have attended this school. Nonetheless I was totally out of my depth and I hated it!

I admit to being totally unprepared, but so were our children and when the speaker invited anyone to lead our school in responding, our Kapa Haka children weren't able to respond when put on the spot. But I'm not blaming them, they're children and I feel that I let them down. I can think of many excuses but none will ease my feelings including that my use of Te Reo in the classroom isn't as poor!

This time next year, I won't be feeling the same. Now where is that number & email for our school's Te Reo specialist?

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  1. Embarrassment can be an amazing motivation tool. Noting like floundering and being unprepared to motivate you to do better and that is what you have done. Many would pretend that it never happened or blamed others for not telling you, but you have identified and will take steps to do better next time... Smart Fail or otherwise known as learning.