Thursday, 3 July 2014

NZ Geography - my way

Next term at HNS we're going to be focussing on NZ geography. My kids are a little bored of looking at NZ so up to me to make it more fun, thankfully my love of ICT & by previous life in tourism education should help me out here. I discussed some ideas briefly with colleagues today & as I drove home the knowledge & experience from that previous life came flooding back to the surface. What was especially exciting was the way that I could see so many opportunities for eLearning to be integrated.

Rather than just share with them, I thought that others might appreciate some different approaches to this subject.

I've put these few ideas together and welcome any additions you might want to make, here's the link for the slideshow . I've mentioned a couple of apps specifically in the slideshow but recognise that they by no means can be considered an exhaustive list.

If you're after any help with Thinglink check out my earlier post.

My brain is still ticking over so I'm sure that I'll be adding more to this list as the next few days transpire, or add your own.

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