Wednesday, 15 October 2014

#Kidsedchatnz special chat session for Connected Educator Month

To celebrate Connected Educator Month the coordinators at Kidsedchatnz agreed that it would be fantastic to host a twitter chat session to connect all of the amazing teachers who have their classes take part.  It would also serve as a great tool to help any teachers who were considering having their class join us in our regular Thursday slot.

I'm definitely glad that we chose to do this, there were some great answers that came through and definitely make us as a team think about some of the things we're doing. A couple of new tools will be added to our arsenal of resources to make Kidsedchatnz so useful for teachers and the best thing was learning that so many of our participants are using their children's involvement in Kidsedchatnz as part of their assessment and end of year reports.

The following is an archive of the chat session:

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