Sunday, 10 August 2014

Education Revolution - I dare you!

The push towards a learner centred model of learning isn't new, nor is my belief that anything that helps a child learn is worthwhile. I do things a little differently in my class, its not the way you learn about at pre-service, from your mentor teacher or see when you go to MOTAT, but there is no reason why kids can't enjoy learning, be working on different subjects, planning their learning or why they can't do all their learning in an integrated fashion (forget the subject silos people). But even that is not revolutionary. People have been doing this for many years and now we say it's because of 21st Century Learners and what they require. All primary children are 21st century by birth, we're the ones who need to catch up!

Two days at the #Edchatnz conference hasn't made me think differently about this, but I am more convinced than ever and now I have more tools to help achieve it. I get that some don't want to engage in professional development like this hence it is my job to bring the PD to you. I'm glad I went because the people I talk with virtually & face to face inspire me to try harder, do more, expect more, share more. To those pre-service teachers I talked with, Janna, Helen and Alexandra, isn't this a fantastic community, I know your answers!

@Geomouldey asked his audience to complete this little task in two minutes, put something recognisable into each of the circles in 2 minutes. The problem with creativity he said is starting, I see change similarly. So here is a little challenge, download the circles & give it a go. 

Danielle (@MissDtheTeacher or conference organiser) asked us "How will you continue the education revolution?"

I hope you like my first response. To teachers everywhere, if you were brave enough to complete @geomouldey's challenge then surely you're up for this second challenge, take part in the Education Revolution by doing the following.

Here is the your real challenge:

Do something different, try something new, do something for the kids and something for you.

There are so many awesome educators in New Zealand, your own schools and elsewhere to get ideas from, share, collaborate, questions. Don't think you have all the answers, or even know the questions.

But it is not the What or even How that are important, it is the Why! Think about the Why, if you can answer the Why, you'll choose right.

Go on, I dare you!

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