Thursday, 12 February 2015

Day 11 of #28Daysofwriting The day

It's almost 5.30am, this is my post so that I don't miss a day. I'm not sure what I feel like writing about it so thought I'd plot my class day with LC4.

9.00 Take role, yippee all 41 kids in LC4 present & accounted for. Haven't had a child absent yet...
9.05 Explain how their specialist teacher time will work on Thursday. The children will be going to two of the specialist teachers (Tech/Music/Dance&Drama/PE) for a 7 week block, then will rotate with LC3 to have the others).
9.10 Play portrait game - designed to facilitate knowledge of their peers.
9.30 Introduce how planning will work, take weekly planner and plot their workshops for the day (2 compulsory workshops + 1 AWS numeracy assessment), then they can schedule in independent activities (literacy based - as that is all we have modelled thus far). Visual planner for separate group explained (they do not need to plan workshops as they get called to them).
9.39ish First requests to go to another learning common to ask permission to read to someone.
9.59 Brain break - children grab healthy snacks and continue with work.
10.00 Many students have settled into 1st activities, Amy & I both supporting those requiring     additional support.
10.20 One student directed away from planning entire week, lets start with just Wednesday thanks.
10.30 Students check if it is time to move to next activity.
10.35. Two boys ask if it ok to help ECE teachers build trampoline, yes - you'll be reading instructions.
10.50 Students start to hand in numeracy sheet.
11.00 Children head to morning tea.
11.30 Amy & I return to LC4, most children awaiting instructions. Several self-managing students already where they need to be according to their planner, they actively prompt others to follow their planners.
11.32 Place Learner Profile statement proudly on wall in front of students who are awaiting instructions "I can manage my time and resources". Some students start moving. Workshops begin (1st time using planners so a bit of "find me x please, x should be here")
12.00 2nd rotation of workshops (Less "find me x please, x should be here")
12.30 "Aren't we starting another rotation?" Me: "I don't think so" (check planner, students correct!)
12.50 Student from 1st workshop comes to show me his work, using what he learned - very proud. Students all head off to lunch.
1.40 Students come in querying if it is learning time yet (no bells)
1.40ish I sit with student working on PBL, he started Cold War project over holidays & isn't sure what his next steps should be.
1.40ish Amy having trouble with Internet, makes Digital Citizenship workshop difficult. Students slowly handing in numeracy sheets.
1.50ish Begin entering numeracy results onto Google Spreadsheet. 1 minute later 1st interruption.
2.00ish Work with child who has reading difficulties on numeracy sheet - once questions read to him he answers many more.
2 - 2.30 Many more sheets coming in. Students also checking on work they have done for creative writing.
2.35 Discussion about the day of a particular student between Amy & I. Decide on course of action.
2.40 Amy begins reflection of day with children (continuum around managing my time & resources). I sit with student to co-construct email with student to celebrate successes of the day, he asks that I wait until after 3 to send it, and can I please email his Dad also.
2.50 Email completed, awaiting <Send>.
3.00 Students go home.
3.04 <Send>
3.08 Coffee order taken by staff member's child - awesome need that fix!

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