Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 3 of #28Daysofwriting

Remember that feeling from Christmas, the one where you reach the end of the day and you feel stuffed! But there's a satisfaction attached that was borne of a great day, lots of stories, experiences that were more than you hoped. That's how I'm feeling tonight after my 2nd day at HPPS.

I'm struggling a little to come up with a blog post worthy of my 28 minutes, I really just want to hit the hay but I want to see this out and I'm way too stubborn to give in on day 3 of a month long challenge.

Our learning common is really starting to take some shape after a big effort by our learners today to shape their space in a way that works for them as a community. Amy has posted about it earlier tonight in her own 28 days of writing (LC4 taking shape) and the commitment that lots of our students demonstrated was a great reinforcement for what can be achieved with student voice.

Learner Profile displayed in LC3. The model is clearly split into
three key areas with each statement being colour coded by how
it aligns with Hermann's Brain Analysis.
HPPS uses a learner profile at the core of our learning, it's a disposition based and the students all learn to talk about these dispositions and whether they are supported, self managing or self directed with each statement. Amy and I decided that we were going to co-construct the model with our Learning Common. We have a number of new students in our area (plus myself as a new learning advisor) and thought that we may reduce the daunting nature of the Learner Profile by adding 1-2 statements at at time.

The manner in which we've been reducing them has been strategic. While the children have gone about the lessons we've observed their behaviour, decisions and interactions and then have used 1 or 2 of the statements as a tool for reflecting on how the previous activity has gone. Thus far we've only introduced 7 or 8 of the statements, but the sharing that is taking place has been meaningful, demonstrating a better understanding of the statements than might have occurred if we'd just put the model up in it's entirety.

Our introduction of the Learner Profile, the way our space is taking shape and the overall thrust of all the learning at the moment is all about setting our students up for success. It is the true and authentic way that student voice is being utilised that I am genuinely relishing and learning from.

28 minutes are nearly upon me, till next time...

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  1. Really looking forward to learning more from you Reid as your year unfolds - thanks for sticking with the challenge and sharing your thinking and expertise.