Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day 19 - Warm & Demanding

I feel like the pressure went on today, 1 of my new colleagues said she could tell by the look on my face. 

Thursday's include amongst other things our techie sessions, planning time with our teams and for me today, a catch up with a senior staff member to see how I was going. 

The session to check on progress was needed, it was reassuring to hear some of the words of encouragement around how everyone is still new at this. While I'm not crying off my wonderful choice to apply, being in HPPS is definitely a sink or swim scenario and sometimes it definitely feels like you're a bit of a duck - you look all calm above water, but beneath the surface your legs are working furiously to keep you afloat. This check in was wake up call number 1!

Team-teaching can be tough I imagine but thus far communication with my colleague Amy and the rest of the staff has definitely made it easier, collaboration has been to the forefront and Amy has definitely lived by the creed Warm & Demanding. As we worked through our 'To do' list this afternoon, we made steady progress and recognised that our learners would start to feel the burden of our expectations next week. We've had three weeks of getting to know them, establishing our learning space, some great habits and expectations. It's time to get on with the real journey that is the living the HPPS values. Wake up call number 2! 

The techie session was hosted by my colleague Amy and I get a bit of stick from her for being a geek, as I'd already done some of what she was running through today so I was able to support the others. Her session was on setting up our teacher portfolios using Google Sites, it includes many components such as your personal objectives, the HPPS staff, Mindset Continuum and links to the Registered Teachers Criteria. While the vehicle she was using seems straight forward I think facing my year in terms of goals, mindset and the starkness of it all really brought me back to earth with a thump. Wake up call number 3!

Just as we've eased our learners into the year, I'm beginning to feel that I have trod their journey in also. I still haven't worked out my goals for this year, even though I recognise there is a universe to learn about. We have room for 5 goals in our portfolios based around: Collaborative Teaching, Learning Common Culture, Personal Professional Development, School Culture and Development and there is a spot for a personal goal. There is so much scope for my own development that I'm a little overwhelmed by the possibilities and struggling to keep a clear head. Daniel gave sage advice early on, get your feet and then start to think about your goals. But the time is coming that I need to put my goals to paper!

Over and above this is the HPPS mindset continuum, 12 criteria to evaluate yourself against (as shown below). I'm still establish what I think might be by starting position on this, this is no dichotomy and as I apply it to various components of my professional practice I alter my evaluation. Confusing! 

I'll face some massive challenges this year. Getting out of bed to go to school won't be one of them! Regardless of the goals I set and whether or not I achieve them, I can't begin to fathom how much I might develop as a professional and as a person. 

Who needs new years resolutions when you have HPPS!

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